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Informative Workshops help to handle Dyslexia & the onset of Adolescence On 1st September 2018 a workshop on "Introduction to Learning Disability" was conducted for the teachers of Grade I to VI at DPS Nashik. It began with an activity which involved the teachers to write 5 sentences about themselves with the non-preferred hand (i.e. right-handed teachers would write with their left hand and vice-versa). The handwriting was then analysed and discussed to understand the complexities faced by a child with dyslexia. The workshop also included a reading activity which focussed on the problems faced by an LD (Learning Disability) child while reading in a classroom scenario. The teachers were asked to identify such students and take measures to give them complete school support with the help of the School Counsellor. The session worked as an eye opener as it widened the knowledge and awareness of teachers regarding this sensitive subject. Adolescence is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development in a child’s life. It is a very sensitive period for a child as the child goes through a lot of hormonal and emotional changes. Keeping this in mind, DPS Nashik conducted an informative session on “Dealing with Adolescents" for teachers of Grade VII to XII. 22 teachers attended the session and discussed the problems faced by adolescent students and the techniques to deal with it. Teachers were briefed about the serious impacts of corporal punishment on the academic development of students. Different case references and examples were shown to teachers to better handle the students at this age. The session also focussed on 'No Touch Policy' and addressed the importance of the state of mind of teachers while they are dealing with high school students. #LearningDisability #Dyslexia #LDLearning #InformativeLearning #Adolescence #Teenage #PeerPressure #HormonalChanges #TransitionalStage #NoTouchPolicy #DPSNashik
Grand Raksha Bandhan Celebration at DPS, Nashik To familiarise the students with the Indian culture and traditions, a special assembly on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan was conducted for the students of Pre-Nursery to Std. II on 30th August 2018. The students gathered in the assembly area and witnessed various presentations by their friends. Principal Ma'am and Headmistress Ma'am also graced the occasion. The students delivered wonderful speeches in English and Hindi on the importance of Raksha Bandhan. Tiny tots dancing on the famous tunes dedicated to the precious relationship between a brother and a sister was a treat to the spectators’ eyes. The celebration helped to inculcate moral values in the young minds. #DPSNashik #FunLearning #Assembly #RakshaBandhan #SchoolActivity #2018
DPS, Nashik steps up to achieve 'Clean India' The students of DPS, Nashik undertook a campaign 'Swachhta Hi Seva.' The students, in their earnest zeal, made a promise to keep the surroundings of the campus neat and tidy. Cleanliness has become a way of life for DPS, Nashik- not a one day wonder but an ongoing process. The students, under the aegis of a teacher, have also adopted the village ‘Manori’ to organise cleanliness drives and make people aware of the importance of keeping the surroundings clean. They clean the roads to make the residents aware of how even little hands can make a big difference. This definitely motivates the elders to play their role in keeping the surroundings clean. Events like these are a must to inculcate right values in the students and help the country achieve its bigger vision of 'Clean India, ' which is a cherished dream of our Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. It will turn into reality if each one of us joins hands for this noble cause. #DPSNashik #CleanIndia #CleanlinessCampaign #SchoolActivity #2018
DPS, Nashik’s Swimming Sensations DPS, Nashik’s U-14 girls' team consisting Rishika Dollin, Saumyaa Gupta, Neha Wahval and Sharvani Darvekar secured the 1st position in the 4 X 100 Medley Relay organised on 17th September 2018. The team has been selected for the D.S.O. State Level Competition. DPS, Nashik congratulated the students for this grand feat. #DPSNashik #Swimming #GirlsTeam #MedleyRelay #2018
A Visit to the School Library to encourage Reading DPS, Nashik teachers took the onus of upgrading the reading skills of their students with a visit to the School Library. Grade VII to IX were made to understand the library resources and Subject Enrichment Programme. The librarian, Samruddha Ma’am explained how to make the proper use of reference books. Rita Ma'am provided our budding readers with many insights into the authors' lives and their books. The most important thing which the students learned was ways in which they could utilize the mountain of information in the library, not only for a specific purpose but also for research and to select appropriate books on certain topics. This activity also helped to cultivate the reading habit in students. #DPSNashik #FunLearning #SchoolActivity #Library #2018 #readingskills #reading